日本語 Shrimp 10.95

Tempura fried shrimp tossed with spicy Japanese mayo, Asian slaw & scallions

Jalapeño & Cheese Fritter 9.95

Battered and fried jalapeño and cream cheese fritter topped with bacon jam & spicy southwest ranch & jalapeño bacon crumbles

Crab Cakes 15.95

Maryland style with cured tomatoes, green onions dressing, Mexican street corn & pickled red onion.

Fried Green Tomatoes 8.95

Panko breaded and fried layered with bacon jam, pepper jack pimento cheese & Alabama white sauce

Mac & Cheese 8.95

Cheesy elbow macaroni topped with bacon crumbles & scallions

Freedom Rings 8.95

Red onion rings topped with bleu cheese crumbles, bleu cheese sauce & scallions

Fussy Five 10.95

Guacamole, queso, Mexican street corn, born & raised beef, fresh salsa

Chips & Salsa 4.95

Chips & Pimento Dip 8.95

House-made pepper jack & aged white cheddar pimento cheese served with corn tortilla chips

Chips & Guacamole 8.95

Fresh guacamole served with corn tortilla chips

Chips & Queso 7.95

House-made queso served with corn tortilla chips
Mix in our Mexican street corn, or Born & Raised Beef + 1.50

Chips & Sausage Dip 9.95

Chorizo, pimento cheese, green chiles & caramelized onions baked & served with corn tortilla chips

Loaded Fries
Poutine 9.95

House-made brown mushroom gravy & cheese curds, topped with scallions

Buffalo Herd 9.95

Buffalo sauce, ranch, bleu cheese crumbles & celery salt, topped with scallions

Loaded Tater 9.95

Our fried tossed in butter sauce, topped with sour cream, bacon, scallions & cheddar cheese

Carolina-Tex Mex 9.95

Queso, pulled pork, American cheese & shaved red onion

Every Day I'm Trufflin' 9.95

Truffle oil aioli & parmesan, topped with scallions

Wild Southwest 9.95

Mexican street corn, pepper jack cheese, southwest ranch, jalapeños & bacon


Try one of our burgers served on a bed of greens.

Mixed Green Salad 7.95

Mixed greens tossed with southwest ranch with sliced avocado, pickled red onion, shredded cheddar cheese & Mexican street corn

Wedge Salad 7.95

Iceberg lettuce wedge with bleu cheese dressing, crumbled bacon, roasted-cured tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles & balsamic reduction

Caesar Salad 7.95

Grilled half heart of romaine lettuce, Caesar vinaigrette, parmesan cheese, roasted-cured tomatoes, balsamic reduction & croutons

Add Crab Cake $8, Shrimp $6, Impossible Patty $7, Bison $6, Chicken (grilled or fried) $5, Bacon $1.50

Dressings: buttermilk ranch, southwest ranch, bleu cheese, honey mustard, ceasar, or roasted tomato balsamic vinaigrette


Served with an angus beef patty, hand pressed daily on a fresh baked Naegelins bun & your choice of side.
All sauces and toppings are made in house daily. All burgers are cooked medium well unless otherwise stated.
Please advise your server of any allergies.

All American 11.95

American cheese, shaved onion, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato & fussy sauce.

Breakfast 12.95

Fried egg, bacon, American cheese, tomato, made from scratch hash brown patty, & Cajun dill bernaise sauce.

Diablo 13.95

Blackened burger patty, jalapeño & cheese fritter, jalapeño bacon, spicy southwest ranch, fresh jalapeños & pickled red onion

Aloha 11.95

Grilled pineapple relish, honey chili sauce, red cabbage slaw, and sweet & spicy mayo

Poutine 12.95

French fries, brown gravy, pulled pork, mushrooms, cheese curds & fried tobacco onions

Street Cred 13.95

Pepper jack cheese, Mexican street corn, jalapeño bacon, BBQ sauce, fried tobacco onions & chipotle mayo

Havarti Jam 12.95

Havarti cheese, caramelized onions & bacon jam

Steak House 12.95

Blackened burger patty, bleu cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms & house-made steak sauce

Cubano 12.95

Pulled pork, dill pickles, shaved red onions, ham, Dijon mustard aioli & Swiss cheese.

Pour Over 12.95

Pimento mac and cheese, house-made BBQ sauce, fried tobacco onions with browned queso sauce

Great Southern 12.95

Fried green tomato, pepper jack pimento cheese, fried tobacco onions & Alabama white sauce

Scape Goat 13.95

Locally crafted Goatillicious Farms goat cheese, bacon & spicy pepper jelly

Sub Impossible Patty $5, Bison $4, Turkey $1.25, or Chicken $1.50 for Burger Patty.
Add Fried Egg $1.25, or Bacon $1.50.
Gluten Free Bun Available.
Ask us how you can Build Your Own Burger!


Served with your choice of side. Add Bacon $1.50.

Buffalo Chicken 11.95

Hand breaded chicken breast tossed in our spicy buffalo sauce, lettuce, pickles, ranch & bleu cheese crumbles

Crab Cake 14.95

Two Maryland Style crab cakes on mixed greens topped with roasted-cured tomatoes, green onion dressing, Mexican street corn & pickled red onion

Grilled Chicken 9.95

Marinated chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon, pepper jack cheese & honey mustard

Eastern North Carolina BBQ 11.95

Pulled pork, vinegar based sauce, pickles & shaved red onion


Two tacos per order with your choice of side.

日本語 Tacos 12.95

Tempura fried shrimp tossed in spicy Japanese mayo, Asian slaw, shredded lettuce & scallions

Road Crossing 10.95

Fried chicken, Mexican street corn, crumbled bacon, shredded Pepperjack cheese, pickled red onion & southwest ranch

Piggy 10.95

Pulled pork, mac and cheese, fried tobacco onions, scallions & Alabama white sauce

The Born & Raised 9.95

Crumbled beef, caramelized onions, mushrooms, house made cheese sauce, topped with fried tobacco onions.
Add our Mexican street corn for + 1.50

Loaded French Fries W/ Entree 2.95 | Side Only 5.95

Side Caesar Salad 4.95

Housemade Jalapeno Cheddar Tots W/ Entree 2.95 | Side Only 4.95

Onion Rings W/ Entree 1.50 | Side Only 4.95

Pimento Mac & Cheese W/ Entree 2.50 | Side Only 4.95

Asian Slaw 3.95

Side Salad 3.95

N.C. Sweet Potato Fries W/ Entree 1.50 | Side Only 4.95

Fries 3.95

Coffee & Tea 2.79

Traditional Iced Tea & Coffee

Maine Root Soda 2.79

Mexicane Cola, Diet Mexicane Cola (0 Cal/0 Carbs),
Lemon-Lime, Doppelganger (DP), Pink Drink (Prickly
Pear Lemonade), Root Beer

Boozy Shakes
Boozy Coffee 7.50

Kahula, Bailey’s Vanilla Cinnamon & vanilla ice cream

Raspberry Chocolate 7.50

Raspicello Raspberry Liquor, Hershey’s chocolate & vanilla ice cream

Salted Carmel Bourbon 7.50

With salted caramel bourbon, Bailey’s Vanilla Cinnamon & vanilla ice cream

Regular Shakes
The Classics 5.00

Your Choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry

Fuss No S'More 5.00

Milk's Favorite Shake (Oreo) 5.00

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