About Us

Located in the heart of the downtown district of New Braunfels, Muck & Fuss is a locally owned craft beer and burger restaurant with a chef-inspired menu. Our staple menu items were made with the help of North Carolinian chef, Kris Fuller. We pride ourselves on cooking with creative, fresh ingredients that result in dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Pair your meal with your choice of 38 draft beers, curated specifically for Muck & Fuss from both local and national breweries. Our team has traveled all across Texas to bring craft brews to our tap that are not typically available in Comal County.

In addition to bites and beers, Muck & Fuss also offers live music in the Biergarten featuring local artists.

As a locally owned and operated restaurant, owners Terry and Celina Muckenfuss, aim to improve their community. The New Braunfels family has revitalized the historic Prince Solms Inn, and its basement cocktail bar Sidecar, which is situated next door to the unique restaurant.

If you are looking for the perfect destination to eat, drink and stay in New Braunfels, then we’ve got you covered.